Thursday, January 20, 2011

The real introduction

While this may have begun as a joke and an attempt to answer a question on a final exam (I had to use a blog as a source) perhaps it will go somewhere. Blogging...? What the hell is that? I suppose this is nothing more than an online journal, another way to inform others about my own life - as if facebook wasn't enough self-promotional masturbation.

During some meeting in the Mass Media (we have many meetings because we are a newspaper and self important so long as we're not doing too good a job) it was suggested that I, as an editor, create a blog. My sister has a blog called "Beautiful and Tiny." Her blog is much nicer than mine - much "fuller" (I don't think something existing in cyber-space can be full.)

I'm supposed to be writing an article about the University of Massachusetts Boston Dana-Farber / Harvard Care Center partnership receiving 13.7 million dollars. It sounds boring. Right now it is going nowhere. I have the research, I lack the initiative. I'd rather be writing other things or nothing or reading.

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